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Перевод на болгарский: ??? 1983???
Исходная версия Apple by Datamost 1982.

Basically, you control an "Indiana Jones" type man who is exploring
a temple - and like the "Indiana Jones" movies, there are traps
and monsters everywhere.

The controls are :
  W		Walk in direction
  R		Run in direction
  J		Jump in direction  (must be walking / running already)
  C		Climb.  eg. climb stairs
  S		Stand still / stand up from crouch, or 
		spin around if in fight mode.
  A		Move left  (in walking, running, etc mode)
  D		Move right (in walking, running, etc mode)
  O		Open Chest, search piles of rubbish
  L		Look in chest
  G		Crouch down, pressing G multiple times makes you crawl in
  T		Get items from chest
  Z		Inventory
  P		Place dynamite (P doesn't work - how ??)
  F		Fight Mode  (press W, R, etc to get out of fight mode)
		Machette is automatically drawn (if you have it)
  G		Draw gun (when in fight mode) if you have one.
  M		Point gun / machette down.
  Space Bar 	Shoot gun
  L		Lunge with Machette / shoot with gun
  (ESC)		Help screen
		(also allows)
			(R)     Return to play
			(S)     Save this game
			(Q)     Quit

The idea of the game is to find the idol and then find your way out again.

Look for the stairs leading past the bottom of the screen for the
entry to the next level.

Blowing a hole through the bottom of the floor is a quick way to get to
the next level or escape traps.

Also, you can sometyimes lunge (with machette) / jump your way through 
walls if you get stuck - the collision detection is sometimes a bit 

Also, if you lunge (with the machette), from one screen to the next, 
you will drop through the floor to the next level.

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